Roadtripping New Zealand

My favorite thing to do in NZ is to get out on the road and explore, here are some tips on how to road trip ‘kiwi style’.

  • Ditch the GPS. Plan out your trip to a destination/area, look up and memorise the directions and area before you go, then follow the signs! This adds an extra element of adventure and gives you a large sense of accomplishment when you arrive at your destination.
  • Snack! Stop off for a steak and cheese pie, scoop ice cream or for a coffee. The best place to get these are at a local dairy and takeaway shop.
  • Make a road trip playlist. Grab ideas off my Spotify playlist HERE.
  • Learn the road rules. If you are new to driving on NZ roads just a quick Google can help you fit in with all the kiwi drivers e.g staying in the left lane when not over taking and pulling over if you are driving a slow vehicle or going more than 10kph under the speed limit( mainly on open roads). This will stop you from creating an avoidable traffic jam.
  • Make pit stops. New Zealand is a beautiful country and when driving long distances you will see plenty of pullover bays, lookouts and places to park on the side of the road where you can take in the scenery and snap some pictures.

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