Ngawi and Cape Palliser

Ngawi and Cape Palliser will exceed even the highest of expectations. Imagine the bluest of waters, seal families posing amongst the rocks, a view from the light house that words cannot explain, a very small town with giant character.

The town’s character is shown by the painted bulldozers along the beach. You can see these from the road. The bulldozers are used to tow boats and boat trailers, often these boats are for crayfishing.

The light house and view from it. The climb up the stairs is very steep and long so be cautious if you have athsma or any injuries preventing you from being physically fit. From the light house you can see bays and bays away, sometimes even the south island on a clear day.

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These are some photos I got with the seals, remember do be very careful when going up close to these animals as they can be very dangerous.

Some photos of Ngawi township as seen from next to the beach.

On the drive to Ngawi I stopped into Putangirua Pinnacles, a beach view camping ground with clean toilets and walls of rock surrounding. The pinnacles are must-see for everyone but especially Lord of the Rings fans as some scenes were shot here.


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